Hello and welcome to IGCSE Study Help! I'm Nicola and I'm currently studying for my IGCSEs which I'll be sitting in Summer 2016. 
I couldn't find many websites that could help me with my IGCSEs, there were plenty for GCSEs but hardly any for IGCSEs, that's when I decided to start my own, so that I could help other people like me!

I'm only including the notes for the following subjects on here: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In the future I may include notes for other subjects but I've got a lot of studying to do!

If you're willing to supply notes for any of the other CIE IGCSE subjects, please comment below :-) 

Disclaimer: I try to write my own notes, but some definitions from external sources are really good and have helped me immensely, so I have included some notes and definitions from textbooks, my tutor and other sources. 

Some posts may seem quite short, but I try to keep posts short and simple so that they're easier to understand. 

I hope this blog helps you! If you have any questions please comment them below and I will try and get back to you within a working week :-)

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  1. There are many for IGCSE's too! See IGCSE Pro (www.igcsepro.org)
    ZNOTES (www.znotes.org) and OXNOTES (oxnotes.com) :)